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What is tongue cleaning?

Tongue cleaning or scraping is a fast way to remove extra particles — including the ones that cause bad breath — from the surface of your tongue. It’s done with
a small, slightly rounded tool made from bamboo, plastic or metal. Although no amount of scraping can replace a good toothbrushing, its purported benefits have enticed quite a few to add this extra step to their morning and evening

5 Benefits Of Scraping Your Tongue 

1. Reduce Bad Breath
The particles that hide between your tongue’s papilla can harbor plenty of odors. Especially if you’ve been eating any smelly foods. Tongue scraping is far better
at removing food particles across your tongue than brushing is. When paired with your typical oral hygiene routine, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your
2. Remove Bacteria from Tongue
In some cases, bacterial infections can develop across the surface of your tongue. You might notice thick layers of white, brown, or black buildup. Sometimes it comes off with a toothbrush, sometimes itdoesn’t. A tongue scraper will be more effective at cleaning the area to help you bounce back from an infection.
3. Improve Appearance
 Healthy tongues have a nice pink color to them. But if there are splotchy areas of white or brown across them, they aren’t just smelly, they’re also unattractive.
For people who are prone to heavy residue or buildup across their tongue, tongue scraping is far more effective than brushing back and forth with a toothbrush.
4. Improve Overall Health
Having a cleaner tongue means you’re not swallowing all those oral bacteria every time you eat or drink something. It’s the same as brushing your teeth; you
don’t want to purposefully swallow all of those plaque bacteria that are stuck across your smile. Cleaning your tongue regularly reduces the overall bacterial load inside of your body. In turn, your GI tract and immune system will thank you!
5. Enhance Sense of Taste
When your tongue isn’t coated with thick bacteria, your taste buds come into better contact with your food. You’ll enjoy richer tasting meals and all of the flavors that you couldn’t before. Removing layers of buildup across your tongue can make your palate more sensitive to the rich tastes of all your favorite dishes.

Common Misconceptions
Does using a tongue scraper physically damage your papilla or the taste buds on your tongue? If used properly, no. Just like brushing your tongue doesn’t scrub off tastebuds either. But if you were extremely aggressive, of course, you could damage the soft tissue.

Taste buds are situated on different parts of your tongue, with each one capturing different types of tastes. That’s why things may taste weird if you burn your tongue, have raw patches on it, or there is a fungal coating across it. Tongue scraping won’t damage your taste buds. Infact, it might actually help them to work even better than before

Bentodent Bamboo Tongue cleaner
Bentodent Bamboo Tongue cleaner is specifically designed to maximize the benefits of scraping the tongue daily. The wide shape is designed to cleanse
tongues of all shapes and sizes and offers a broad area for cleaning the entire tongue with each stroke.

Bentodent’s tongue scraper is made of premium quality bamboo and is manufactured in India. It is sturdy and long-lasting—the only tongue scraper you will ever need! 

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