Kanishk Chhabra

‘The chemical in your mouth’ sounds harsh? But wait till you discover what’s going on in your Oral cavity over the years. We have free will, but some of us choose to turn a blind eye and hurt our bodies at will. It somewhat points towards the subconscious arena; go to mall – see shiny toothpaste – pick it up without a thought. Almost robotic that move! Read not the fine print for it has technical terms that we  don’t usually understand.

The word SLS has been screaming from the toothpaste box/tube to an empty audience. Even now, most of you are reading SLS for the very first time but you have been using it all your life!

This is the era of collective awakening. We are conscious about what we are putting into our bodies. But then, why are we so ignorant about our teeth? Is it because they keep smiling even while you rub them with the harshest chemicals that have no business coming close to your oral cavity.

Do you know what SLS does to your teeth? You may have questions like ‘then how is it being marketed so freely’? Frankly, we are dumbfounded ourselves. But then, after realisation – prudence must follow. It’s not an Oral chore but Oral Care. Do not make that mistake. Treat your teeth like how you treat your physical being. You take your body to the gym and let it go through gruelling high intensity sessions just to stay in good shape. And then you torture your teeth with an inherently toxic regime.

Our oral cavity, specially our teeth are extremely resilient. That does not mean we take it for granted. It’s only in our later years that it all starts to crumble but by then –  most of the damage has been done.

It’s a simple move really. Make that shift to SLS Free  ‘all-natural’  Bentodent Toothpaste. That’s it! And for that, it’s never too late.

08 May