Kanishk Chhabra

Dental issues have always taken the backseat when compared to overall Health & Wellness of our bodies. Therefore, some oral problems remain dormant until it gets too late in the day to reverse their effects. In fact, more than two million people visit Dental clinics every year for oral care issues at the later stage. The damages are estimated at a whopping $1bn (annually), whereas it could all have been taken care of with a simple solution.

Nearly 40% of adults & 80% of our children already have limited or will themselves put a limit on dental care due to their financial situation (the fact that they don’t know it will cost them more money in the long run). Only one in three consumers would take care of pain in their mouth – keeping it ahead of the maintenance of Auto, Electronic or Household Appliances.

Given our passive oral care mindset & a compulsive habit that has developed over the years (only 7% brush their teeth twice a day and 4% visit dentists for annual check-ups) we do not realise that there is a hidden danger lurking about until it triggers in the form of a ‘dental pain’. We end up attributing the pain to everything but its root cause – sheer negligence. We blame the shreds of the food we have ingested and even the weather, but not once have we looked at the biggest element that we smell right under our nose on a daily basis – our foamy white toothpaste (that fails to offer the desired protection to our teeth). The lack of Dental consultation deepens the crisis and we are faced with no choice but to shell money which otherwise could have been saved. High costs end up discouraging people, who totally avoid going to a dental practitioner and the damage is therefore multiplied.

08 May